Add Some Goodness to Your Events!


Buttery Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet Almond and Rum, Red Velvet, Key Lime, Lemon Lavendar and Coconut


Banana Pudding, Strawberry Shortcake, Oreo, Chocolate Chip, Money Blessings, German Chocolate, Carrot, Blueberry and White Chocolate 

Fruit Fillings: Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Lemon, and Cherry. 


THESE ARE STARTING PRICES. Prices Vary Depending on Detail, Supplies and Labor Time .

Prices are adjusted according to icing type, difficulty, design, and flavors. These are the most popular sizes.

6 inch 2 layer        $56

up to 12 servings

6 inch 3 layer        $96

up to 12 servings


8 inch 2 layer        $126

up to 20 servings

8 inch 3 layer         $146

up to 30 servings


2 tier 6in and 8 inch         $176

up to 48 servings



3 tier 6in, 8inch, and 10inch        $324

up to 60 servings


4 tier 6in, 8in, 10in, 12in        $424

up to 100 servings


Carved Cakes start at        $176

(Any Cake that is not in the traditional round or square shape)


Alcohol/Drip Cake with shot size bottles 

6 inch 3 layer $146

8 inch 3 layer  $176


Sheet Cakes

Custom 1/4 sheet Cake          $124 

from12-54 Servings

Custom 1/2 Sheet Cake        $144

from 24-108 servings



12ct Regular Sized          $24

12ct Specialty Flavor Regular Sized        $34

12ct Custom Character, Theme, or Alcohol Regular Size        $54

4ct Custom Character, Theme, or Alcohol Regular Size        $24

6ct Jumbo Cupcakes       $34

6ct Jumbo Character, Themed, or Alcohol Cupcakes     $44

Individually Boxed and Bowed Cupcakes are only $1 each/cupcake


Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes Start at  $100